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Anyone Buy a Bad Part from a Bike Shop?

Posted by on Nov 16, 2017

Has anyone else heard recently about issues involving a local business selling defective motorcycle parts?

Annoyingly, I can’t really get into specifics because there’s a potential lawsuit over the issue coming up. Selling defective motorcycle parts is, of course, pretty illegal, and there may be a big issue made of this going forward. When you see an article about it in the paper, you’ll be able to connect the dots yourself.

For now, though, anybody who already knows what I’m talking about should message me and give me your stories.

How I got involved was through a friend. My bike had an issue, and I went and got it serviced at this place. Again, sorry for being vague, I don’t want to give any specifics that could lead back to the actual store. The very next time I got on my bike, the engine gave out on the highway and I nearly got into a crash. When I took the bike back to where I bought the parts, they accused me of installing them wrong (not at all likely) and then said it was probably some other unrelated issue and tried to sell me more parts. Finally, only after a very long hour I spent complaining, and after several customers had been chased out by the argument did the guy finally offer me a refund. It was a partial refund, by the way, not even the full price.

My friend then told me that there’s a reputation about this place and several other bikers had had similar experiences. One had even ended up in the hospital. After thanking him for telling me all this too late, I got in contact with a few other bikers who had had this problem, and we’ve decided to look into potential lawsuits.

After talking to a  lawyer, we were told to gather as much evidence as possible. You know, proof that we purchased the parts there, evidence it was those particular parts that caused the problem. That second point is an issue because we need an unbiased mechanic to prove that. Since most bikers I know do their own repairs, this can be a problem. My bike got serviced because I contacted the lawyer in time, but other bikers already fixed their bikes ages ago.

So we need more people to come forward who might have taken their bikes to mechanics who can say that the recently purchased parts were the issue. Anyone who has had these problems, please come forward. I don’t want to wave money in front of you, but there could be compensation at the end of this. More importantly, other bikers will keep going to this place, and the next one might not be as lucky as the rest of us have been. This is a pretty serious issue, so please, come forward so we can bust this guy and make sure bikers are getting safe parts from now on.

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