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Personal Injury in Construction Sites

Posted by on Jan 20, 2017

Personal injury is a legal term that refers to the damages done to the body, mind, and emotions of a party. Many personal injury cases involve the negligence of another party, such as in traffic accidents and animal or pet attacks.

Personal injury cases are at their worst when the economy is already involved, because in one way or another the incidents affect us all. Some examples include product liability, medical malpractice, and construction site accidents.

Construction is an important part of the economy because it employs a lot of people. But we cannot deny the risks of working on construction sites. Just as the website of New York City personal injury attorneys of Hach & Rose, LLP said, the diligence of managers, employees, and anyone who provides equipment for the project is a must, because it only takes one negligent incident from one of these people for a personal injury to occur.

Aside from the damages to the body, mind, and emotions, the victim will also be struggling from costly medical bills and other losses.

According to an informative article on the website of Ravid & Associates, P.C., construction site accidents involve but are not limited to equipment malfunction, owner negligence, slip and fall, exposure to toxic substances, head and brain injuries, and wrongful death. The negligent party can be held liable for the damages.

Those who are involved in the construction itself are not just the ones who are in danger. Even the innocent people in the vicinity of a site can be injured or killed. According to a February 5, 2016 article from the New York Times, a man walking in Lower Manhattan was killed by a falling crane.

This raises another problem. If the personal injury victim is a worker in the construction, he may have claims for workers’ compensation, but if the victim is not a worker he will be looking for other avenues where he can get compensation from the negligent party.

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