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Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

Posted by on Jan 22, 2017

Nursing homes are there to provide care for those who need it in a continuous basis. They should be safe havens for the elderly and the disabled, especially if those patients are your beloved family members.

Deciding to put a family member in a nursing home can be difficult. You have a lot of things in your mind already, like how putting a loved one in a nursing home can be a form of separation and how this separation can have a physical and emotional toll on you. You don’t want to stress yourself from other factors, but the reality is, those factors exist, and they make the decision even more difficult.

It is a given that a nursing home should have the manpower with medical skills and the facilities in order to practice those skills. But there is a factor that is far deeper than that. What if your loved one is susceptible to physical abuse inside the nursing home?

According to the website of Orangeburg County nursing home abuse attorneys of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, nursing home negligence can take many forms, like malnutrition, bed sores, theft and fraud, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and of course, physical abuse.

Physical abuse can result into injuries and mental trauma, and those are the last things you want for your loved ones when you put them in a nursing home. The site states that physical abuse can take on many forms as well. These include excessive force, overuse of restraints, battery, withholding of prescribed medication, and administration of prohibited medication.

Most of these practices are done by the nursing home employees to make it easier to subdue your loved ones. Taking care of an elderly or a disabled person can be a hard task, but it does not mean that the employees have the right to use abusive behavior.

Frankly, it is shameful that the possibility of physical abuse can be a big factor in your decision of whether you should put your beloved family member in a nursing home or not.

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